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The University Lab is run by Lycus. It is here where players can donate unwanted items and other players can take them free of charge. If an item doesn’t find a new owner within 24 hours, Lycus uses it in his experiments and it is permanently deleted from the site.

Players can choose to Donate any unwanted items by selecting “Donate to Lycus” from the dropdown menu in their inventory.


Experiments are a feature added to the University Lab November 14, 2016[1]. After an item has been in the lab for 24 hours it is removed and contributes towards the experiment progress. When the experiment reaches 100% an item gets released in the lab with an unlimited quantity and is available for 24 hours only.

Below is a list of released items

Image Item Description Relased
Lab Safety Goggles.png Lab Safety Goggles Safety first! Protect your eyes from harm in the lab by wearing these during any experiment. Yes, even when your experiment doesn't involve chemicals - there are plenty of physical reactions that could hurt your face, too. November 16, 2016[2]
Lab Coat.png Lab Coat Your eyes aren't the only thing that need protection! Wear this lab coat whenever you're handling materials in the lab, to protect your skin from dangerous chemicals and to protect your clothes from dangerous stains. November 22, 2016[3]
Beaker.png Green Flask That looks dangerous! What are you doing?! You shouldn't- oh. It's just Green Apple Soda. WHY ARE YOU DRINKING OUT OF A FLASK?! December 04, 2016[4]
Scanner.png Scanner Lycus pieced together this device while experimenting on the Tattered Weave. He theorizes that it can be used to navigate through the Tatters to find another Remnant of reality somewhere out there... Do you believe him? Will you use it to explore the Tattered Weave? December 15, 2016[5]
Lab Gloves.png Lab Gloves These rubberized gloves can protect you from more than just electrical shock; they protect you from the fashion police too! 12th January, 2017
Lab Boots.png Lab Boots Please don't wear these out of the lab, we don't need you trailing glowing goo all over the place... 2nd February, 2017
Green Stethoscope.png Green Stethoscope Ba dum. Ba dum. Ba dum. Ba dum tsh - hey wait, that’s not a heartbeat. 26th February, 2017
Scientific Observation Journal.png Scientific Observation Journal This work journal is filled with handwritten notes, sketches, and thoughts on a wide variety of experiments involving the Tatters and the nature of the Weave. It also has margins filled with bored doodles and an entire page dedicated to tracking some kind of sock collection.
Moss Muffin.png Moss Muffin Well...that is one way to get rid of it. 25th April, 2017
Moss-Away.png Moss-Away Never forget, one man's helpful garden plant is another's nightmarish invasive species. 25th April, 2017
Dr Stuffy.png Dr. Stuffy That is doctor with a PHD, not MD. He only kisses boo-boos better as a hobby, not as an authority.
Eureka.png Eureka! Wow, this is all of Lycus’ informal notes on his thesis project and the discovery of the Enchanted Forest! Uhh, oh wow, this gets pretty... technical. W-what do half these words even mean?! Like, I can tell they are words on paper but... Maybe I’ll just ask Lycus to sign it and keep a copy on my shelf.
Lycus Sweater.png Lycus' Sweater Shrugging off safety standards is easy to do in this mostly-stain-proof sweater. Just be prepared for Piper to ask for her missing socks back since you are clearly the person who keeps stealing her family’s dirty laundry.
Enchanted Sonar.png Enchanted Sonar Combining Lenta's magic with Lycus' science, this sonar detector was built to detect a new Remnant of reality within the Tattered Weave. Taking the advice of the scientific and magical community, the Siren's Shadow Elixir was used as a focus, and the sonar seems to be working! What will this new discovery unveil? 19 June, 2017[6]
Sirens Body Paint.png Siren’s Body Paint Mixing science, magic, and the leftover Siren’s Shadow Elixir, Lycus has created this magical body paint that allows the wearer to freely breathe underwater. How much it stops shark bites and lightning strikes has gone untested. 22 June, 2017[7]
Nurse Stuffy.png Nurse Stuffy Though Dr. Stuffy isn’t a MD, Nurse Stuffy is here for all your medical needs. Go on, hug him close so he can listen to your heart. 25 June, 2017[8]
MerStuffy.png Mer Stuffy This Lord of the Deep, Mer Stuffy, will always be there for you when you wipe out face-first into the surf. 01 August, 2017[9]
Treasured Maps.png Treasured Maps Lycus brought these maps back with him from his Coral Reef exploration. The open map was where he found a hidden stash of pirate treasure along with Marcus and X trapped in a flooded shipwreck. He hasn’t had time to check out the other maps yet, which means any Kith brave enough could make a grand discovery all their own. 25 September, 2017[10]

The first 6 items were later re-released as part of the Premium Lab Bundle[11].


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