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Unmaking is a crafting feature in Tattered World. It allows players to deconstruct crafted items into their component parts.


On 01/22/20, in the January Update: Unmaking, Elliot modified his tech to help bleed off some of the energy created in the tatters surrounding Hope, where the energy can be used to break down individual crafted items into their component parts.


To unmake an item, the player must have an item that can be crafted, whether they've crafted or cooked it themselves or received them from other means like from quests, the marketplace, trades, etc.

Unmaking then takes the item, and turns it into the items that was used to craft them. In the case of items that can be crafted multiple ways, a list of possible ingredients or materials that you can get from unmaking will be displayed. You won't always get all the materials listed, however.

Like Cooking and Tailoring, Unmaking has 10 levels. Raising the Unmaking levels will, however, lower both Cooking and tailoring levels by one recipe/patterns each, and it takes two recipes/patterns to negate the effects of one unmaking increase.

Reaching maximum level of Unmaking will affect the players active Kith. Once reached, the Kith cannot learn or grow. Despite giving the Kith items, doing quests, playing games, the stats of the Kith will not increase. This can be negated by cooking and tailoring to lower Unmaking levels, so the Kith can grow again.

Available items