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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Valeria is the Mystic of Summer of the Golden Colosseum. She works in the Temple of War.

Site Description

Valeria, the overbearingly enthusiastic Mystic of Summer, is known for having big muscles and an even bigger personality. She helps everyone in the community train in the Temple of War, but she's also an advocate for the importance of play time, in order to keep everyone's technique on the battlefield varied and flexible.



Shop Dialogue



  • Hey, my best buddy Zephyr and I are about to start sparring, but don't fret, you should be totally safe if you just stand... oh, a couple hundred feet away should do it!
  • Have you met my Kith, Spot?! Isn't she just the sweetest, most adorable little doggo?!
  • HYAAA- Oops, curses, didn't see you there!
  • 256, 257... Don't mind me, (Username), I'm just practicing a few quick reps! 258, 259...
  • I sell toys, too, because if you're going to train, you've got to flex your body muscles… AND YOUR BRAIN MUSCLES! Brains are muscles, right?


  • You've got to tell me about the battle techniques from other Remnants, (Username)!
  • (Username)! Grab a weapon, any weapon! I'll help you with your stance!
  • If you've if you're having some bad luck in battle with your Kith, Zephyr's the one to ask!
  • Hah, I wouldn't say I'm a master of any of these weapons... BECAUSE THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE TRAINING!
  • By Summer's blaze, (Username), Spot really seems to like training with your Kith! OH YEAH! WE SHOULD SPAR!


  • Don't forget to hydrate if you're feeling thirsty!
  • Don't forget, (Username)! You've got to balance hard work... with hard rest!
  • All the folks and all the Kith that I lead into battle every day... they're counting on me. I've got to do my best by them.
  • Soon we shall soar forth! TO BATTLE!
  • Hey, I get insecure, too. But failure... by Summer, failure's great! It's a chance to learn something new and try again!
  • I'm about to swoop out over the battlefield and tackle every single Arena! THOSE SNARLS WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT 'EM!
  • Every night, I stop by the Temple of Memory, to honor all of my soldiers who've fallen in battle. Join me sometime, (Username), and I'll recount all their heroic stories!
  • Look, when my time's up, I'll go out in a blaze of glory worthy of Summer Himself!
  • The wings in my transformation aren't just for flying - I can lift weights with them, too! That's eight barbells at once! Hey, (Username), want to spot me?
  • Did someone discourage you? I'LL KICK THEIR ASS! Oh no, was it me? Was I too harsh? I'LL KICK MY OWN ASS!


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