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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Xenia is a caretaker droid of the Cosmic Solarium. She runs the Automated Nursery. As a caretaker droid, Xenia is responsible for raising and caring for human babies, and currently assigned to one named Casey.

Site Description

Xenia is one of the caretaker droids who cares for the Solarium’s babies in the Automated Nursery. If she sometimes finds a life of constant babysitting to be a teeny bit boring, she certainly wouldn’t admit it, but she’s mastered an impressive number of Earth hobbies - all for the sake of the baby, of course. Between all the knitting, welding, stitching, and programming, she’s become a consummate jack-of-all-trades who will happily sell you some of her latest projects to alleviate the tedium.


Xenia is very curious about many things, and spends a lot of time studying and attempting to replicate sports and hobbies from the Earth's Golden Era. She is also very creative, often combining together existing sports or inventing new toys.

She is programmed to care for her assigned baby and to prioritise the baby's needs above her own. However, she can become easily bored by this, and will often multitask other activities while caring for Casey, such as using her toes to build toys while rocking Casey.



Xenia and Red appear to be close friends. Xenia has helped Red to hack into his system in the past, and has also helped build new parts to help repair RiGBy's body. Red appears to trust Xenia a lot, as he had "100% certainty" that she would be eager to assist Lycus.

PA System

Despite his grumpy attitude, the person behind the PA System appears to be close to Xenia, often sending her spare materials he has laying around.

Shop Dialogue


  • Your name is (USERNAME)? Registration complete! What’s your favorite hobby?
  • Shh, hush hush hush… (It’s fussy hour, I’m afraid, but Casey might sleep soon!)
  • (Just because we have to keep voices down in the Nursery doesn’t mean we have to stop talking! Could you tell me more about your Remnant? Please?)
  • What? Oh, no, taking care of these babies isn’t boring! (Well… not VERY boring…)
  • Little Casey here is the fourth baby I’ve cared for! And also the fussiest, isn’t that right, my bitty baby gizmo?


  • Casey and I are going to visit the Solarium’s gardens to see Marisol and Beebot! Would you like to come? You do have access, don't you?
  • Do you like crocheting, (USERNAME)? Knitting? Weaving? Any textiles at all, really?
  • Why does everyone think these Tirbbley toys are creepy? (I tried to base them off some cute Earth mammals, but people keep saying something about an “uncanny valley”?)
  • Have you heard of an Earth sport called “badminton”? I’ve tried combining it with some activities called “basketball” and “bowling” and I think it might have real potential! …In a room that doesn’t need to be child-proofed, I mean.
  • I’ve gotten quite practiced at tending babies while building toys. (Look, I can rock Casey with my arms while I hold the soldering iron with my toes at a safe distance! Mweehee!)


  • ((USERNAME), as soon as Casey falls asleep, I’m going to try playing “hopscotch” for the first time! Would you like to join me?)
  • Would you like me to make a hologram for you, too, (USERNAME)? What’s your favorite Earth creature?
  • (Look at my latest toy over there, (USERNAME)!) Casey loves welding days, don’t you, my bitty gizmo? Heehee!
  • Do you know the Commander? Could you tell me what his Earth books are like? Perhaps?
  • I designed some new equipment for RiGBy today! It was such a fun challenge, wasn’t it, Casey? I hope they can sync up again soon!


  • Casey, look! (USERNAME) came back for another visit! It’s the highlight of our day, isn’t it, lil’ sprocket?
  • Did you know that Earth had over 4.2 million articles to learn about before the Core's data storage was compromised? It’s endlessly interesting! Someday, I’ll learn every hobby in what remains of this Earth encyclopedia!
  • It’s a shame that Caretakers were only built after the Ultranova. I wish I could have seen Earth in person… but at least I get to learn about your Remnant now!
  • Me? Sneak out to see my other babies? Well, I could never enter the Core… but my programing doesn’t say anything about hovering near the grates! Mweeheehee!
  • Oh… you saw me climbing the inside of the dome? It’s just that I was reading about Earth mountain-climbers, and I thought it sounded like a brilliant exercise! ...For little Casey, of course.


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